The Aftermath of My West Coast Trip

The Softail on the lift at High Country Harley Davidson Yesterday, I went up to visit the Harley in the shop. Sort of like visiting a friend in rehab—one feels badly that the friend has fallen apart and still loves him or her dearly. Justin, the service manager at High Country Harley Davidson, took me […]

Packing Motorcycles and Unpacking American Minimalism

Onwards!’s First Product Review—Luggage, Literature and More! 1924 in our time, copy number 80, offered for sale at AbeBooks for $39,000. My favorite of Ernest Hemingway’s works is In Our Time, and my favorite story in that book is “Big Two-Hearted River.” I read it as a junior in college and was quick to teach […]

Rebellion and the Street Fightin’ Man

Ev’rywhere I hear the sound Of marching, charging feet, boy ‘Cause summer’s here and the time is right For fighting in the street, boy Well now, what can a poor boy doExcept to sing for a rock n’ roll band?’Cause in sleepy London townThere’s just no place for a street fighting man I said, “Hey […]

Day 10: Green River

Drinking Bud Lights at Ray’s, Green River, the best burger place between Vegas and Denver, Mr. BMW M5 from Simi Valley chatted me up. More sophisticated, younger, and handsomer, but no less self assured or apparently successful than ol’ Mr. Corvette from Twin Falls, he is probably not a Trumper, but I didn’t ask. The […]