Apologies, dear readers, for not posting.

This trip was planned around a visit to the International Journal of Motorcycle Studies 9th Annual Conference at Pacific University in Forest Grove, OR. Colleague, fellow motorcyclist, and director of the Herbst Program, Leland Giovannelli, recommended the organization to me, and I submitted a paper. The group meets today and tomorrow, so no highway hi-jinxs until Sunday.

It was a nice event. Chris Page, an engineer at Nike, reminded me that, after forty-one years of successfully falling off motorcycles, I still have a lot to learn about front brake modulation. Track time at the local go-cart run for me.

I presented on Paul Pope’s Batman: Year 100 in the age of data surveillance. Email me and I’ll send you the paper. In the larger picture, the conference reminded me of the challenges of doing cultural studies in the current state of the humanities.


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