A Gas Station Breakfast in Delta, Utah

The speed made me take notice.  

This speed is of a different order. The old speed was extracted from mechanical wearwithal. My old Harleys literally beat themselves to destruction with every power pulse. My Ducati was always warning me that a new tune up—an endeavor of engineering that would take countless hours and inestimable expense—was merely a twist grip away. 

This speed is silent. This speed has the consistency of heavy cream. This speed is subtle and brutal, black and bottomless like a fantastical cup of coffee.

I did a quick 350 miles across southern Utah. I faced off with a bull, who stared down the cyclops of my headlight.  I hit 110mph at a mere 3990rpm. 

And then there is Blu.  Blu is 140lbs of Italian Mastiff, and he holds a grudge when criticized.

Tomorrow we head to LA. 

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  1. So great to reading about your riding adventures again! The piece about the speed is absolutely beautiful.


  2. This is shaping up to be an eldritch combination of On the Road, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, and a Hobbit’s Tale. Onward!


  3. Hmmm, Blu looks like he could also be “subtle and brutal, black and bottomless like a fantastical cup of coffee”


  4. This is Blu when his Achilles has been presented Note the treat at his feet. James was at work when I arrived so I went in the front door to a barking nervous Blu armed only with treats.

    He was Leary, backed away into the kitchen at first. No interest in a treat thrown from a guy sitting on the floor at the front door. I was not challenging him but firm in my resolve – entry.

    He then backed from the arch at the kitchen to the dining area where another treat at his feet started to work on him. Note not just a single, but a dual drawl indicating my progress. Appetite over Aggressive defense!

    And soon…

    Congratulations on the new bike.

    It reminded me of what Erik Buell would have done next to my 1984 FXRT after he fixed the FXR chassis. That was his last job at Harley before leaving to pursue racing and form Buell Motorcycles. I have a pipe dream of putting the Buell XB12X front end (already acquired) on my 1984 FXRT, Red Artie.


    1. That’s a great story. Blu is very heroic and a thinker.
      The picture didn’t post. Yes, the bike feels just like you describe.


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