Location: Green River, Utah.

Milage: 675

Current State: Edging toward bed.

What came of the Rocket Sled?  Wither Kuskin and his trip to Los Angeles?  What of his duties at the University of Colorado Boulder. 

Wonder no more. 

Our last adventure had me arrive on my daughter’s birthday, only to find the door quite literally blocked by birthday revelers—and worse!—aforementioned daughter humiliated by her geriatric and arthritic father stumbling into the festivities. 

 I found my body (let alone my ego) so bruised and exhausted after that ride, that I thought it best to fly back to Colorado, and regroup. 

And so I did.

Two weeks passed. I loaded the Jeep with artwork and furniture for Helen’s house, and drove back out to LA last week. 

Two weeks later. Baker, CA, redux.

It was a good ten days. I took the bike up Angeles Crest.

Through the Clouds—Route Two up Angeles Crest

We gardened the front of the house, and Helen and I help set up my brother-in-law, Senon William’s first single person show.

Senon William’s Holy County Line, at Prjctla, 1452 East 6th St, LA, CA 90021

This morning, I got up early and hit the highway, driving through the desert to Green River, Utah. My mind was fixed on a burger and beer from about Cedar City, and so it was: Ray’s Tavern.

Ray’s Tavern, 25 Broadway, Green River, UT 84525. Est. 1943.
Ray’s has about ten items on the menu. They are good at what they do.

I realize, dear readers, this blog has become barely a trip report,

I promise more in the way of thinking about America in the future. 

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