New Roads

Route 34 to Estes Park, Colorado I rode The Queen to work yesterday. Teetering through a U-turn and huffing and puffing while backing into a parking spot, I had to admit to being a little out of practice. My wrist still hurts from that July ride down PC1—the clutch work at the endless traffic stops […]

Weekend Movies

Walking into the American Shelby Collection in Gunbarrel, CO. Last weekend my wonderful spouse and I went to two movies, probably more than we’ve seen in the past six months. This sudden burst of cinematic appreciation was inspired by my colleague Bob’s mention that the American Shelby Collection was just up the road, tucked away in Gunbarrel, […]

Winter Musings

The tragedy of the human condition is to know oneself well enough to ride across the world, and to write that story out mile by mile, confessing each emotion but still not be able to explain oneself to another person.

The Return Of The Queen

The Queen is back. After six months in the shop, my Harley finally rolls into my driveway. Readers of Onwards!, few in number though you are, will remember that we began with a cross-country trip, which ended abruptly on the shoulder of I-15, outside Cedar City, Utah.  Yesterday, almost six months later, I rode my […]

From the Vault: Best Trip

My best motorcycle trip occurred in the summer of 2009. The trip was both my return to long-distance riding and my daughter’s first. She was ten at the time, and given that she’s a different person now, I figure I can tell it here. We moved to Boulder in 2006. I brought three red Italian […]

The Aftermath of My West Coast Trip

The Softail on the lift at High Country Harley Davidson Yesterday, I went up to visit the Harley in the shop. Sort of like visiting a friend in rehab—one feels badly that the friend has fallen apart and still loves him or her dearly. Justin, the service manager at High Country Harley Davidson, took me […]

Packing Motorcycles and Unpacking American Minimalism

Onwards!’s First Product Review—Luggage, Literature and More! 1924 in our time, copy number 80, offered for sale at AbeBooks for $39,000. My favorite of Ernest Hemingway’s works is In Our Time, and my favorite story in that book is “Big Two-Hearted River.” I read it as a junior in college and was quick to teach […]

Rebellion and the Street Fightin’ Man

Ev’rywhere I hear the sound Of marching, charging feet, boy ‘Cause summer’s here and the time is right For fighting in the street, boy Well now, what can a poor boy doExcept to sing for a rock n’ roll band?’Cause in sleepy London townThere’s just no place for a street fighting man I said, “Hey […]